Montessori Education Philosophy

According to Dr. Maria Montessori, the basic tenets of Montessori education is that a child learns best in an enriched, supportive environment through exploration, discovery and creativity with the guidance and encouragement of a trained and caring staff.

At Luminary Montessori Preschool, children are encouraged to pursue their interests, make responsible choices for themselves and direct themselves to constructive activities.

Our goal is to cultivate each child’s natural desire to learn, which will foster the child’s ability to acquire and master skills, learn responsibility and cooperation, and nurture strong positive feelings about themself and others.

The Montessori Method addresses the total child: developing skills, emotional growth, physical coordination and cognitive preparation within a thoughtfully designed environment.

The Montessori Method Addresses the Total Child

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”

This quote by Maria Montessori struck me early in my Montessori training. I just love the idea that we allow the child to direct his or her path to developing skills and understanding foundational concepts in a manner that is truly individual. I am a firm believer that children will have far greater success when we teach in cooperation with the child’s natural interests.

~ Lisa Holmes, Owner/Director

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